Are you hiring? Then you need recruitment software

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Despite the fact that recruiting had evolved into a separate profession long ago, there are many companies that include recruitment tasks in HR, hence some common problems of recruiters and hiring managers. Like almost every field of activity these days, recruitment is a subject to become “digital”: there is no lack of various solutions for applicant tracking on the software market. But are they really necessary and helpful?

The answer to the first part of this question depends on the amount of hiring work the staffing professional has to deal with. If the company opens vacancies not often, then it’s possible that the recruitment automation system is inexpedient.

Otherwise, the software for recruitment is a must for any large or medium company, growing business or recruiting agency. Just try to imagine the work of an accountant without special software or the work of sales department without CRM. Staffing without professional system for recruitment automation has the same efficiency.

Recruitment software is called applicant tracking system (ATS). These CRM-like systems are developed to organize the staffing process thoughtfully: they include tools for sourcing and screening candidates as well as for analytics of methods, stages, channels and even the performance of each recruiter in the team.

Judging by the feedback of CleverStaff ATS users, the productivity of work with the software grows by 40-200%.

The common miscalculation of a business is leaving its recruiting data without any processing at all. That is, companies usually do not keep the CVs of interviewed candidates, even those who went through successfully, do not mark the ones who should not be re-examined, do not fix the refusal reasons and do not track the channels bringing the most suitable employees. Meanwhile, all this work was already done (and was paid for!) and could be used to form the company’s own candidate reserve. Yes, the high-quality recruitment software can do it too.

Vladimir Kurilo
СЕО @CleverStaff